Personal Loans

About our personal loans

A quick loan in a few clicks!

You need money fast? Get a personal loan in as little as 24 hours and, confidentially and without credit check. Complete your application online or by phone at 1 844 4GO-PRÊT (toll-free) and send us the required documents.

In less than 60 minutes, our team of professionals will confirm your request. 
Your loan will be deposited directly into your account. No question, no long wait: no problem!

  • A confidential and secure application process
  • A quick deposit into your account (usually within one hour if your application is approved)
  • A flexible refund method (make payments when you want)

Documents to provide

Once your money loan application is completed, you will receive an email that will ask for the following documents and you're done!

The last 2 months of your bank statement;

A check specimen;

Your 3 last pay stubs;

Proof of residence;

A photocopy of a photo ID card;

The completed loan application form.

Criteria for admission

Conditions to be met for obtaining a loan

Must be 18 years of age or older

Being a resident of Quebec

Have been employed for more than 2 years

Be paid by direct deposit into a Canadian bank account

Do not be in the process of going bankrupt

Do not be in these categories : CSST, Retirees, Self-employed, Employment insurance, Disability.


You live enough pressure on a daily basis. Do not worry about your loan for now: you have a minimum of 120 days to repay your personal loan.

Evaluation of your file

All applications are subject to an analytical process in order to confirm that the borrower has the required repayment capacity. This includes, but is not limited to:

Verify that your monthly salary is sufficient to repay the loan;

Identify the fee for insufficient funds in your account;

Determine the sum of other liabilities, including those with other loan companies and validate the repayment capacity.

If our evaluation is satisfactory according to these criteria, your application is ACCEPTED.

Missed payments and credit score

Any levy rejected by your institution, whether due to insufficient funds or otherwise, will be deferred to the end of the term and will incur a fee of $ 35; This fee will be added to the balance due and will bear interest at the same rate as the original loan. However, this will not affect your credit file with us and will not be reported to various credit agencies.

If you need to postpone a payment, you must call us 48 hours in advance; This deferral will incur a $ 25 fee and the payment will be deferred at the end of your contract. The properly repaid loans provide excellent service at a future renewal.

Responsible collection

Our company uses collection practices in accordance with the legal provisions applicable in Quebec. If you are having trouble making your payments, call us, we can help you in different ways (deferral of payments, reduction of these and other means at our disposal). We will do our utmost to prevent your debt from being transferred to the collection department.

Uncollected claims will be forwarded to a law firm, which will use all legal means at its disposal to recover the sums due. It is strongly recommended that the borrower do everything possible to avoid being in such a situation.

The balance due at that time, which may include a charge for withdrawals or deferred payments, continues to bear interest at the same rate as the original loan. Perception fees may also be added.